Associates Brave Rain to Shine Light on Science

Associates Brave Rain to Shine Light on Science

Above Photo: Mike Dickinson (left) and John Barlow (right) took to the COSI Science Fest main stage to encourage onlookers to follow their dreams and not be afraid to fail.

Although the day was cold and rainy, associates from Honda R&D Americas (HRA) spent a recent Saturday fueling others’ fiery passions for science and engineering, while shining a light on the Power of Dreams at the COSI science center’s first-ever Science Fest in downtown Columbus, May 4.

At Honda’s booth, associate volunteers gave attendees insight into their daily work—from researching materials to developing battery-based powertrains—and gave visitors an exclusive look at two world-first Honda prototypes: the Rugged Open Air Vehicle concept and Autonomous Work Vehicle.

“Because we’re not always able to open our R&D doors to the outside world, this was a really neat opportunity to bring some of our amazing work to members of our community,” said Samantha Lynch, community relations group leader with HRA. “To see the looks on people’s faces—especially the kids—as they learned more about our work was really inspiring.”

Two HRA associates—John Barlow and Mike Dickinson—even took their message to the main stage at the COSI Science Fest, explaining to attendees how they dreamt up and ultimately developed their respective projects, the Rugged Open Air Vehicle and Autonomous Work Vehicle.

Above Photo: HRA’s Chris Lang explained to some young onlookers the future of hybrid technology.

“How many of you in the audience have a dream that you’d like to see come true?” Dickinson asked attendees at the main stage. “I’m sure those of you that didn’t raise your hands still have dreams, or have a desire to help other people, and that’s where it all begins.”

Barlow agreed.

“It all starts with a dream,” he advised, “either a dream of our own, or a dream of solving a problem for people.”

Honda volunteers showed hundreds of attendees that the problems they and their colleagues are helping to solve include the creation of more environmentally friendly materials and autonomous technology that can aid people in potentially dangerous lines of work.

The four-day celebration took place at venues throughout central Ohio, culminating in the free Saturday event at the COSI science center. Honda is a leading sponsor of COSI and is committed to supporting STEAM activities in the Columbus community.

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