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Honda R&D Americas, Inc. strives to be “a company that society wants to exist.” We know the true measure of a company isn’t just great products but the impact that company has on society. We believe we have a responsibility to apply our innovation, influence, and initiative to making our communities and the world better places to live and work.

We are proud to provide support to organizations that share our focus in STEAM, research, and education initiatives.

Community Support

Thank you for your interest in receiving sponsorship, grant, or in-kind support from Honda R&D Americas. Please review the guidelines below before proceeding to the Honda R&D Americas Community Support Program portal.

If you have questions or need more information, contact communitysupport@oh.hra.com

Community Giving Guidelines

Organizations eligible for support from Honda R&D Americas:

  • Nonprofit charitable organizations classified as a 501©(3) public charity by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
  • A public school district or private/public elementary and secondary schools as listed by the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).

Organizations not eligible for support from Honda R&D Americas:

  • Religious organizations or affiliates
  • Political organizations or think tanks
  • Organizations that represent a conflict of interest with Honda R&D Americas or an affiliated company
  • Organizations/programs established outside of the United States
  • A not-for-profit organization, which is in the IRS Advance Ruling Period and has not yet received a Final Determination Letter from the IRS

Geographic scope:

Funding is given priority to organizations that operate in locations where associates from Honda R&D Americas live and work, including Ohio, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Michigan, Florida, and Colorado.

Types of funding to eligible organizations:

  • Community: includes events or programs that raise funding for the eligible organization
  • Schools (K-12): includes events or programs related to STEAM or workforce development
  • University/College: includes events, outreach, or programs with a recruiting or research (no-IP) focus.

Applications must be received 90 days prior to the start of the event or program.

Honda R&D Americas does not sponsor the following activities:
- Individual university/college SAE teams
- School or community sport teams
- Individual scouts or troops
- Fundraisers at the school level (walks, class trips, etc.)


For projects, research, programs, or general operations.

Applications are accepted September 1 – November 30 of each year. Organizations must combine multiple grant requests into one application.

Honda R&D Americas does not issue grants for the following activities:
- Scholarships
- Capital campaign projects
- IP-related research


Contributions of goods or services, other than cash donations.

Applications are accepted on a rolling-calendar basis.

Honda R&D Americas does not issue in-kind donations for the following activities:
- Individual University/College SAE teams
- School or community sport teams
- Individual scouts or troops
- Raffles, silent auctions

To access the Honda R&D Americas Community Support Program portal, click here.

  • Mid-Ohio Foodbank

    Team Honda Week of Service

    Ohio associates take a break at the Mid-Ohio Foodbank to share their joy of volunteering.

  • Corporate Caring

    Corporate Caring

    Honda R&D Americas, Inc. was honored with the Benefactor of the Year: Columbus Business First 2017 Corporate Caring Award for our associates’ work in the community.

  • Habitat for Humanity

    Team Honda Week of Service

    Associates in Denver spend time volunteering with their local Habitat for Humanity.

  • LA Food Drive

    Team Honda Week of Service

    In Los Angeles, associates made a big impact donating and organizing food for the hungry.

  • NC Food Drive

    Collection Drives

    Power Equipment associates in North Carolina hold many donation collections throughout the year, including drives for food, clothing, and school supplies.

  • Stuff the SxS

    Collection Drives

    Every year, associates in Ohio “Stuff the Side-by-Side” to see how many supplies they can collect for local schools.

  • Building STEAM

    Building STEAM

    To create enthusiasm for STEAM-focused careers among future generations, Honda forges strategic partnerships with organizations like COSI in Columbus, Ohio, to showcase how our products are designed and developed.

  • Meet the Innovators

    Meet the Innovators

    Honda’s “Meet the Innovators” exhibit at COSI, featuring everything from vehicle sketches to the vehicles themselves, is an example of our commitment to our communities.


HRA considers environmental factors in each Honda and Acura product it designs and develops. HRA takes every opportunity to reduce a product’s total environmental footprint from its component design and selection of materials to its impact at the end of its life. Accordingly, HRA engineers also consider dismantling complexity, re-manufacturing components and minimizing substances of concern.

In addition to our work on new-vehicle design and development, HRA engages in research programs to advance alternative fuel technologies including natural gas, hydrogen fuel cells and electric vehicles. In 2001, HRA began developing the first solar-powered, hydrogen production and fueling station. In 2010, the Honda Solar Hydrogen Station prototype was completed.

HRA’s scale wind tunnel in the Ohio Center plays an important role in further improving the aerodynamic efficiency of new vehicles, enhancing Honda’s global R&D capabilities and contributing to Honda’s focus on fuel efficiency leadership.


HRA’s scale wind tunnel at the Ohio Center plays an important role in realizing further improvements to the aerodynamic efficiency of new vehicles, enhancing Honda’s global R&D capabilities and contributing to Honda’s focus on fuel efficiency leadership.

Leed Certifications

HRA works not only toward developing environmentally-friendly products. It also strives to minimize the impact of daily operations to the environment. In fact, several HRA facilities have been designated as LEED Gold Certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. In addition, several facilities have achieved Zero Waste to Landfill, meaning no waste generated from within these facilities ends in landfills.

Being LEED Gold Certified means receiving 60-79 points out of 100 over five categories including: Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy & Atmosphere, Materials & Resources, and Indoor Environmental Quality.

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