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Engineering Opportunities
Design Engineers
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Materials Research Engineers


We say that hands-on engineering is the principle that guides our work at Honda R&D. But behind this approach lies a passion for the work we do - a love for the cars we create. Here, our excitement about engineering drives us to seek out new challenges and become thoroughly involved in the technical process.

At Honda R&D Americas, Inc., our holistic approach includes a commitment to developing well-rounded professionals with a variety of skills and a diversity of experiences. We believe in learning by doing. We'll give you the opportunity to prove yourself and make an impact.

Our Ohio Center is involved in the development of automobiles and motorcycles for markets in the Americas and worldwide. We also provide technical assistance for the start-up of new model production,which is why our R&D team is located within close proximity to our manufacturing facilities.


Engineers at Honda R& D enjoy many opportunities to expand their skills and seek out new challenges. If you're passionate about automobiles, eager for knowledge and committed to results, you may find we offer your ideal environment.

Design Engineers are involved in all aspects of concept, design, development and product quality. With an emphasis on technical excellence, they contribute from concept to initial test stage in such areas as component development, complete vehicle development, local procurement, production start-up, and quality assurance.

Vehicle Research Engineers and Materials Research Engineers have the opportunity to take part in performance evaluations for systems and materials, while accepting responsibility for the analysis, research and testing of automotive components. They also make recommendations for design countermeasures. From cold-weather testing in Minnesota to hot-weather testing in the Mojave desert, from high-speed evaluations on Germany's Autobahn to high-altitude testing in Colorado - our Engineers go above and beyond to ensure worldwide customer satisfaction.


Excellent engineering opportunities are currently available in a broad range of research and development areas. If you're looking for multi-faceted challenges and first-hand involvement, we invite you to consider the unique advantages only Honda R&D can offer.

Engineers at our Los Angeles Center are involved in product planning, market and engineering research, and automobile and motorcycle design. Those at our Ohio Center provide product engineering, prototype development, vehicle research and materials research.

Qualified Engineers should possess a bachelor's degree. Domestic and international travel and overtime may be required.