Creating New Ideas

The joy of engineering
drives invention and
discovery of new ideas,
pushing the boundaries
of what is possible.

Research and Development is about creating new ideas, improving on past ideas and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. At Honda’s Auto Development Center we achieve new heights by sharing these new and improved ideas, patenting innovations and recognizing and rewarding creativity.

Advanced Vehicle-to-Pedestrian and Vehicle-to-Motorcycle Safety Technologies

Technical Papers and Presentations

Organizations like the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) bring the automotive community together to think strategically and form unique relationships that can expand the reach of the industry into a new collaborative era. As the information technology age continues to shape the industry, we have proven through industry articles and technical papers that our Auto Development Center’s innovative development process will continue to evolve and lead the industry.

HDMA has been continually participating in the broader engineering community and submitting articles and technical papers to industry organizations for over two decades.

Over 1,000 Global Patents


Last year alone, Honda associates in the U.S. were issued 275 global patents in the mechanical, electrical and chemical industries. Honda’s Auto Development Center holds patents for technologies that are not only used in our products, but also for technologies that are used to test our products.

Honda Motor Company’s first patent was granted to Soichiro Honda for a clutch and transmission device that used a belt. It was registered on February 7, 1950. Each subsequent year the number of patents from Honda Motor Co. has continued to increase.

Innovation & Creativity

Research and development successes do not go unnoticed at Honda’s Auto Development Center. We celebrate successes in innovation and encourage associates to be creative.

Called the Business & Technology Awards, we annually recognize the past year’s successes that exemplify excellence in business, technology and societal contributions of our associates.

At right: Recently secured patent for key fob battery life preservation system and method.

Innovation & Creativity
  • The President’s Award recognizes the most significant achievements that bring great benefits to Honda and are a source of universal pride for our company.
  • The Award of Excellence recognizes significant achievements that are the first of their kind. These achievements drastically increase value or improve efficiency, greatly contribute to academic progress or are the basic patent leading to industrial progress.
  • The Citizenship Award recognizes the significant actions or works of associates who bring honor to Honda or to our associates.

NH Circle

NH Circle is a global improvement program that focuses on the commitment to development, teamwork and sharing of new ideas that strengthen Honda’s competitiveness in the areas of safety, quality and productivity. NH Circle programs exist at Honda facilities around the globe where teams of associates identify opportunities, and apply creative and impactful solutions.

The winners of this competition implement the best change for progress to make their lives and fellow associates’ lives better each day. The reward is a safer, higher-quality and more productive Honda, recognition from their peers and attendance at a global convention to further their development, teamwork and idea creation.

NH Circle
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